Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recidivism in Britain

As reported by the Telegraph, the rate there is about as high as here, and the “root causes” (code-word for the concept that crime is the fault of society rather than the individual) comment in the final paragraph in our post also indicates a comparable lack of understanding of the criminal world culture, foundational to the failure to decrease recidivism.

An excerpt.

“The first long term study of its kind shows that 74 per cent of criminals will commit at least one crime within nine years of being released from jail or serving a community sentence, Ministry of Justice figures show.

“The figures show the true challenge facing Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, to meet his promise to bring about a "rehabilitation revolution".

“Prisons that have the worst reoffending rates were also revealed for the first time.

“It shows that in 14 establishments, including four women's jails, more than seven in ten inmates go back to crime within a year of release.

“New Hall women's prison in Wakefield had the highest rate at around 77 per cent while in the far large men's estate some 75 per cent of prisoners leaving HMP Dorchester reoffend within a year.

“Crispin Blunt, the Justice Minister, said: "Today's statistics show we need a more intelligent approach to sentencing that targets the root causes of crime and reoffending, so making our communities safer and better places to live.”