Friday, January 2, 2009

An Interesting Year

As are all of them, but this one maybe more so than most, and here is a great article balancing what happened and what is really important, from Fr. James Schall, S. J.

An excerpt.

“As we begin a new year:

“An American friend in Rome emails me about The Election: “A radical break has occurred in our country’s history!” The “change” seems complete; what went before is “irrelevant.”

The Wall Street Journal writes of an ex-Soviet-KGB agent-scholar. He famously predicts that the United States will break up around the year 2010-12 into some six different nations with incompatible interests and alliances.

The Weekly Standard carries a detailed essay on Detroit, which is in such bad shape that third-world countries should begin to offer it aid.

The Los Angeles Times has an account of wide-spread bribery and corruption in China. Little is done without offering something to party officials.

“Another California paper records last year’s death toll in Mexico, 5,200 drug-related murders. Iraq is safe by comparison. California is still on Mexican maps as Mexican territory. Our job situation has slowed down border crossings, with help from the wall.

“Not a few relatives and friends are out of work or worried that they soon will be.

“No major college, as far as I have noticed, has yet lowered its tuition. The UAW offered no concessions to the car companies.

“My niece stopped at a gas station in California. She filled her tank. “Just a couple of months ago it would have cost me $50, now it is about $20.”

“When George Bush became president in 2001, the last thing he expected was a suicide bombing of the Twin Towers. I suspect that he will look better with every day after January 20, 2009.”