Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Capital Punishment Support II

Following up on yesterday’s post, this comment from Dr. Feser’s article is really superb.

The comment:

“CS Lewis often pointed out the Christianity was added to and a completion of natural law and good paganism.

“Therefore much of The Good, most, was taken for granted as being obvious, spontaneous, inborn.

“The anciently conceived Good was a unity of virtue, truth a beauty.

“So modern 'thinkers' arrive on the scene having rejected the vast submerged iceberg of the natural and the spontaneous, and having isolated virtue (ethics) from the true and the beautiful, and they tackle an issue like the death penalty by considering it on the assumption that all previous generations were evil fools and a few minutes of sensible consideration should be able to supersede them.

“And so we discover that the death penalty is evil, and all of humanity before a few decades ago, and ninety something percent of humanity now, is evil...


“I look around at the world of careerists, expedience merchants and intellectual pygmies who make these amazing moral discoveries such as the evilness of the death penalty, these pundits and pub debaters who claim to have superseded the justice of the ages (the great philosophers, the Saints and martyrs)- and am simply stunned at the mismatch.

“It really is bizarre that the most self-indulgent and hedonistic generations to inhabit the planet should regard themselves as *moral* experts and exemplars - of all things!”