Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Endless Reports

I have just perused another of the endless reports criminal justice academics produce examining, and supposedly solving, why criminals continue to commit crimes even after being in prison, but will not burden you with anything it says about how to rehabilitate criminals.

However, what it doesn’t say, is that the real issue is personal internal transformation. Rather the report presents a mechanistic world of exploded moving parts that if we can only provide enough services — jobs, housing, counseling, education — all will become aligned and criminals will become community.

Without an internal transformation, all of the services will not help.

Professional career criminals who commit crimes for money and who make up the bulk of people in maximum security prisons, chose to be criminals through an internal decision based on their perception of how the world operates; a perception not far off the mark considering who the prince of the world is.

Our apostolate is based on changing that internal dynamic through the only body of intellectual and spiritual truth capable of combating and defeating worldly truth.