Monday, October 4, 2010

Public Survey on Crime

In what is not a surprise, the public has a pretty good understanding of the issues related to crime and punishment in America, as this September report from the Pew Center on the States notes.

An excerpt.

“Key Takeaways

“1. Voters are concerned first and foremost with keeping communities and people safe.

“2. Without question, voters want a strong public safety system where criminals are held accountable and there are consequences for illegal activities.

“3. Voters believe a strong public safety system is possible while reducing the size and cost of the prison system.

“The bottom line… let’s reduce crime.

“It does not matter whether a nonviolent offender is in prison for 21 or 24 or 27 months. What really matters is the system does a better job of making sure that when an offender does get out, he is less likely to commit another crime.”

“75% Strongly Agree

“91 % Total Agree”