Thursday, September 23, 2010

Social Teaching Trumps World’s Teaching

This is central to our apostolate work: that the social teaching of the Church trumps that of the criminal world, and when presented to penitential criminals by a reformed criminal with the stature in the criminal world that generates respect and transformative listening, can bring the criminal to salvation.

It is also antidotal to ideological brainwashing, as this article from the Catholic News Agency reports.

An excerpt.

“Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sep 20, 2010 / 05:53 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata in Argentina remarked last week that the Church’s social teaching is the best antidote against the ideological brainwashing of young people, which has caused so much harm and suffering in the country.

“The prelate also called for committed lay people to get involved in public life.

“During the opening of the 1st Congress on the Social Doctrine of the Church, organized by the archdiocese’s social ministry office, the archbishop recalled that the task of the Church “is to serve in the formation of consciences, so that each generation may resume the fundamental task of building a just social order.”

“He noted that the laity have the duty to participate in the building of a more just country in various professional fields, especially economics and politics. The archbishop emphasized that politics is an area “where we are missing the presence of upright Catholics well formed in their faith and in the Christian worldview.”