Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Priests

One of the priests in our parish has retired and we are currently being served by—in addition to our regular pastor—various priests; and the recent contrast between the Mass offered by a young priest and that offered by an old priest could not be greater or more indicative of the recent history of the Church in America.

The young priest—at the 6:30 AM Mass I regularly attend—spoke in a full voice, hewing exactly to the Mass as written, and his homily was a dramatic call for us to wake up (punctuated by a palm slam on the lectern) to the spiritual battle going on in the Church.

The old priest—my wife and I attended the 8:00 AM Mass—spoke softly, and made up the Mass as he went along, leaving most of us confused about when to stand, kneel or sit, and his homily revolved around love and tolerance for all.

By representing the old which has brought such chaos within the American Church and the new which represents such hope within the American Church, it was a Mass twofer that encapsulated the Church as it is now in America.