Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deep Catholics II

Following up on yesterday’s post, Catholic Culture sees the value of speaking clearly, of being the sign of contradiction the Church is called to be.

An excerpt.

“The Catholic Church should be a rallying point for all who oppose the culture of death. The press is on our side in this. All it takes to get incredibly widespread publicity is for bishops and priests to speak out forcefully against the prevailing culture and, for even better coverage, to exercise discipline on these matters in their dioceses, parishes, social service agencies, hospitals and schools. Believe me, everybody will know when this happens. The publicity may not be favorable, but the name “Catholic” will be spelled right.

“This is, of course, contrary to the strategy followed by most Church leaders, at least in the West, for the past fifty years. The inroads of Modernism, the treason of the intellectuals in colleges and universities, the seduction of many traditional religious orders, and the desire of bishops to avoid conflict (and be perceived as players) have all led to a public image for the Church as something of a fiddler—fiddling, so to speak, while Rome burns.”