Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confused Order ?

A major lay order in the Church appears—in this article from Catholic Culture—to be more politically correct than dogmatically correct, a situation not that unusual in the American Church.

An excerpt.

“Knights are--or should be--men oriented toward a mission, and there is no mission more noble than the defense of innocent people who cannot defend themselves. In contemporary American society the defense of human life--the protection of the unborn--is a quest tailor-made for men with strong sense of Christian mission and chivalry.

“The Knights of Columbus are, and always have been, strongly supportive of the right to life in their public statements. So it has long been a mystery to me why the K of C allows some politicians to continue their membership even while those politicians promote legalized abortion: in flagrant defiance of the teachings of their Church and the public statements of their fraternity….

“If the Knights of Columbus are engaged in mounting a serious crusade--not merely in putting together a congenial social network or a successful insurance business--they must adopt some serious internal discipline. It's impossible to fight a crusade effectively as long as enemies are welcome within your own ranks.

“From time to time a friend asks me why I've never expressed interest in joining the K of C. Now you know why. Let me know when they get serious.”