Sunday, March 21, 2010

Facing Evil

One of the greatest accomplishments of the devil is convincing people he doesn’t exist and the refusal to face criminal evil lies at the heart of our inability to rehabilitate criminals—for without personal responsibility there can be no personal reformation— and then there are just those who are really not at all clear on the concept, as well represented by this story from USA Today.

An excerpt.

“WASHINGTON — Prisons in eight states let convicts work in jobs that give them access to Social Security numbers and other personal information for the public, despite years of warnings that the practice should end, a federal audit finds.

“Most of the prisoners hold jobs processing public records for federal, state and local governments, according to the audit released this month by the Social Security Administration's Office of Inspector General. The work often involves entering and processing data on documents such as student transcripts, tax files, and health care and labor claims forms.

"Although we recognize there may be benefits in allowing prisoners to work while incarcerated, we question whether prisoners have a need to know other individuals' Social Security numbers," the audit says. "Allowing prisoners access to Social Security numbers increases the risk that individuals may improperly obtain and misuse (the data)."