Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Praying the Rosary

Praying the Rosary is a powerful devotional tool uniting us with the timeless truths of the Church and is a key element in the triune path—With Peter, to Christ, through Mary—all are encouraged to daily walk to ensure they are enveloped within the blessed armor of God in this earthly world under the sway of its prince.

Peter speaks of the rosary during his visit to Lourdes.

An excerpt.

“Benedict XVI indicated that "by coming here to Lourdes on pilgrimage we wish to enter, following in Bernadette's footsteps, into this extraordinary closeness between heaven and earth, which never fails and never ceases to grow. In the course of the apparitions, it is notable that Bernadette prays the rosary under the gaze of Mary, who unites herself to her at the moment of the doxology. This fact confirms the profoundly theocentric character of the prayer of the rosary. “When we pray it, Mary offers us her heart and her gaze in order to contemplate the life of her Son, Jesus Christ".

“After pointing out that John Paul II visited Lourdes on two occasions and "keenly encouraged the prayer of the rosary", the Pope also recalled how his predecessor had enriched the Rosary "with the meditation of the Mysteries of Light".

"The torchlight procession expresses the mystery of prayer in a form that our eyes of flesh can grasp: in the communion of the Church, which unites the elect in heaven with pilgrims on earth, the light of dialogue between man and his Lord blazes forth and a luminous path opens up in human history, even in its darkest moments".