Monday, September 22, 2008

Being a Catholic Convert

Being a convert myself, and coming to the Catholic Church in a somewhat similar route as Dorothy Day—winding my way through the various practices and philosophies of the day including Hedonism, Marxism, and Existentialism—her words on being a convert are intriguing.

I discovered them in a book about her by Robert Coles.

An excerpt.

“I wish I had put more effort into understanding what was happening to me at that moment, when my whole life was changing. Then I would have known more, myself, about myself; then I would have been able to give people the answers when they asked me what made me become a Catholic convert, that’s what they kept calling me. I thought of myself—well, not as a Catholic convert. I thought of myself as someone who had been looking for God all those years, without really knowing it, and had now begun to find Him, but who had a long way to go: ‘the long loneliness.’ That expression ‘Catholic convert’ was much too final and decisive and conclusive for me; and it still is. The rain and wind and fog were still swirling around me all those years ago, more so than I dared admit to myself, and I’m not in the clear yet. Who of us is?” (pp. 56-57)

Ah yes, exactly, who of us is?