Monday, July 11, 2011

John Corapi

Or as we have known him for years, Fr. Corapi; has made a significant move in his life, but we pray that underneath all of the controversy and lawsuits, his extraordinary speaking out in defense of the Catholic Church and traditional teaching will continue, at some point.

His rather dark background equip him—better than most—to recognize and confront evil decisively, and if that will now occur as a lay person speaking, he can be as effective, I would think, as he was as a priest preaching.

The claims and counterclaims leave this writer unable to determine what actually is the truth of the matters leading to his choice to separate from the priesthood, but I am not prone to ascribe the type of dark, ulterior motives to the video and verbal posts Corapi has released as have many others; seeing in them a response of a shaken man who has lost a bulwark of his identity and must rebuild it.

His faith and passion for the Church seems unabated (though that for the hierarchy less so, a position many lay people share) and should, ultimately, see him through, for which we should all pray, that such a warrior for the Church will not lose his way.