Friday, June 17, 2011

Credit Card Crime

An informative post from NPR about the sophistication of the crime and the use of technology.

An excerpt.

“To find the online megamall for stolen credit cards, I have to go to Pittsburgh.

“That's where Keith Mularski works. He's a cybercrime agent with the FBI, and he's going to show me how to buy thousands of stolen credit card numbers.

“Mularski pulls up a login screen on his browser.

“To even be able to see this site — to register and get a password here — Mularski had to use an an alias to persuade two criminals already on the inside to vouch for his criminality.
“It's sort of the exact opposite of getting two references when you're applying for a job; rather than vouching for you as an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, you're getting people to attest to your deviousness.

“Not a problem for us. We're in.

“It's the photo-negative version of sites that you've been to like Craigslist or eBay. The background is literally black instead of white. Vendors have banner ads across the top, advertising illegal things like hacking and phishing tutorials.”