Sunday, November 15, 2009

Criminal Records and Criminal Reformation

The only realistic position anyone can take in the current climate of easy access to any and all information about one’s criminal past is to accept it and be straightforward when applying for jobs.

The process of cleaning up ones record—if applicable—is a smart one, as noted by this article from the Wall Street Journal.

An excerpt.

“U.S. job seekers are crashing into the worst employment market in years and background checks that reach deeper than ever into their pasts.

“The result: a surge of people seeking to legally clear their criminal records.

“In Michigan, state police estimate they'll set aside 46% more convictions this year than last. Oregon is on track to set aside 33% more. Florida sealed and expunged nearly 15,000 criminal records in the fiscal year ended June 30, up 43% from the previous year. The courts of Cook County, which includes Chicago and nearby suburbs, received about 7,600 expungement requests in the year's first three quarters, nearly double the pace from the year before.”