Friday, December 19, 2008

Obedience & Destiny

Fr; James V. Schall, S.J. has a wonderful article in the Fall issue of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly (requires subscription) entitled The First Act of Obedience and it is a profound reflection on the meaning of responding to the often ineffable call from God to each individual to “reach the destiny God intended for him”.

An excerpt.

“Man experiences himself as tending beyond his human imperfection toward the perfection of the divine ground that moves him.” (Eric Voeglin, Anamnesis)….

“The religious life was never conceived by the Church to be a life for everyone, while the call to be converted was intended for all, if many were called, but few chosen. None the less, Voeglin’s happy phrase that everyone “tends” to the “divine ground” that “moves” him expresses the same point that Augustine made famous when he said that our hearts are made for God and will not rest until they find what they are made for.

“The word “vocation” has been broadened so that every task, not just the religious life, is considered a “calling.” Whatever be our worldly occupation, “doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief,” we stand equally before the Lord. Everyone is called to that for which he was made. This end was not merely something in this world, though this world is the arena of final decision of our destiny. Those called to be carpenters, athletes, or merchants “tend” to the same divine ground as any other existent human being.” (Volume 31, #3, pp. 20 & 22)